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I'd love to hear from you! All clients of mine have commented on my superior craftsmanship and prompt response time for their projects, as complex or simple as they may be. I have a 100% guarantee on project success rate, along with very, very affordable pricing. Only clients within the USA will be accepted, though exceptions can be made.

How It Works

Simply fill out the form below. From there, we can correspond via email or phone, as you wish. Any questions that may arise during the process, feel free to contact me anytime. When I receive all pertinent project details from you, my design process will begin. Please allow 2-4 days for completion, and 1-5 weeks for website completion, depending on the project scope. During the initial communication, I will ask you for details about the business or subject for which I am creating, to get a better understanding of the final concept. I will also ask you for any raw materials, such as pre-existing images, logos, scripture, and text that should be included in the project. This includes company logo, custom development fonts, and your exact wording of text, for all informational projects, such as brochures and websites, for instance. Throughout our journey, I will be in frequent contact as milestones of the project are met.

My Freelance Offerings

Graphic Design

Take advantage of my innate talent in Graphic Design. Having years of experience with design and popular graphic software, I've created designs of nearly all types and sizes, of nearly every concept or idea. To see examples of my quality, please leaf through my designs on the Designs page. The design choices I offer are listed in the chart below. If you have a special request, please contact me.

Website Design

Website design is another specialty of mine. Whether for you personally, or business/organization, I've got you covered. I am a certified web designer, up to date on the latest industry standards and trends. My designs are completely original, built from scratch, using back and front end technologies, along with professional effects. Upon request, I can integrate social media, and instate SEO (Google Search Engine Optimization) for your website's visibility. After receiving details, it will be mutually determined if your project is "small" or "large". Please note- I do not personally host your website. You must host the final product on a web host of your choosing. I will need your login credentials (username and password) to that web host to make changes to your website and upload the final content. All material will be developed and tested on my own computer, rigorously, prior to final upload. Rest assured your website will be fully functional. Potential bugs will be dealt with immediately, as they are discovered.


I offer photograph enhancement services as well. If you have a photo that is "straight from the camera", or could use a new lease on life, I can revitalize it to something of magazine-quality, ready-for-print greatness. Using technical and design concepts and software, your photograph will be much more emotive and stunning than what you originally sent me. Using principles of light, cropping, exposure, vibrance and composition, I can transform your precious photo into the most impactful, optimized photograph it can possibly be. I cannot guarantee success on all photos, due to the original inherent features of the individual photo.

My Guarantee

Every single one of my projects is done to the absolute best of my ability, and always done within the time specified. No exceptions. You, as a client, have high expectations of service and results, and I vow to succeed, or the project is free- no charge. That is my ultimate commitment to your satisfaction. Each project will be completed in the estimated time, no questions asked.


The cost of a project is a very delicate balance between worksmanship, time and budget. I fully realize graphic design, web design and photography are areas in which many freelancers and companies rack up huge bills, and potentially gouge their clients. Not this freelancer. My prices are absolutely what I would pay someone for a design, fully keeping in mind my budget, and yours. The prices listed below are extremely fair for the level of craftsmanship you will receive. Just shop around if you don't believe me. Prices listed are subject to individual change, but represent the price of 90% of projects. If your project is deemed simple, the cost may drop for you! Projects are charged per project, not hourly. Return for additional projects and you just might receive a discount!

Final payments can be made either by PayPal or personal check. For all projects, 50% of the total will be due upfront as a down payment, once you and I agree to the terms of the project. Upon satisfactory completion, the remaining 50% of the cost will be due. Minor project revisions will be no charge. Major/overhaul projects will be full price, subject to "new project" agreements.

Design CostCompletion
Logo / Identity$1002-4 Days
Invitation / Flyer$501-3 Days
Stationery$301-3 Days
Business Card$502-4 Days
Print Ad$1002-7 Days
Brochure$2002-7 Days
Small Website (Personal)$5001-2 Weeks
Medium Website (Small Business)$10002-3 Weeks
Large Website (Small Business)$20003-5 Weeks
Photo Enhancement$51 Hour
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